Eriogonum breedlovei var. breedlovei

I drove up, from Kelso Valley Road, in Kern County – looking for Eriogonum breedlovei var. breedlovei, on July 12 th 2014 – to Claraville and Piute Peak with my 27 feet long RV, which was not reasonable but fairly easy and sandy. But, at the end of the day, after getting lost twice on the National Forest Roads, when it was time to return, I decided to go down towards Lake Isabella on the Piute Mountain Road (Saddle Spring Road). It was pretty scary, the brakes were very hot ; and it got more scary when I had to manage a series of hairpin turns, just after Rocky Point. I was almost ready to back up and I understood, then, why the people in Claraville were looking funny at me in my long RV – when I got there. I did a lot of crazy things with this RV, in the deserts and in the mountains of the western USA, but that day, the descent was the most dangerous I ever did with such a vehicle (which is not meant to be used as a 4WD!). It was a very long drop: from 2500 m to 800 of altitude. And when they call it a road, I have seen a lot better in the Aïr desert region of Niger… In this case, no choice, you need to drive the European way, in first drive, to multiply, at least three times, your precious braking time… before the smoke of your arch-burning brakes alerts some lonely ranger on the top of a fire watch tower! I had to stop many times to let the brakes cool down and, that time, I really wondered if I could make it down to Lake Isabella… with the vehicle safe and sound. As I was ready to jump down… with the door opened. I am an Eriogonum Stalker!

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