Eriogonum flavum var. piperi

Description. Plants loose to compact mats, 1–6 dm wide; aerial flowering stems mostly erect, (0.5) 1–2 (3) dm tall; leaf blades linear-oblanceolate to oblong or narrowly elliptic, 2–7 (9) cm long, 0.3–0.8 (1) cm wide, densely tomentose abaxially, tomentose to floccose or glabrous and greenish adaxially; inflorescences subcapitate to umbellate, the branches 0.2–1 cm long; involucres usually turbinate, 4–9 mm long; flowers (4) 5–7 mm long, including a 1–1.5 mm long stipelike base, the perianth cream or pale to bright yellow. 2n = 76, 80. Continue reading