Eriogonum zionis var. coccineum

Plants erect, 3–6 dm tall; aerial flowering stems fistulose, glabrous or tomentose; leaf blades elliptic to ovate, 3–4 (6) cm long, 1.5–2 (5) cm wide; inflorescences 20–45 cm long; involucres 2–3 mm long; flowers 4–6 (7) mm long, the perianth bright red.

Flowering Jul-Sep. Loamy to gravelly flats and rim edges, sagebrush communities, juniper, pinyon, and montane conifer woodlands; 1300–2300 m; edges of the Grand Canyon (1950–2300 m) in Coconino Co., and in the Hack Canyon area (1300–1500 m) of eastern Mohave Co., Arizona.